How it works


You can only support 7 issues at the same time. “Why 7?” Seems like a lucky number. The point is that you have to FOCUS on what you actually care about and want to see fixed. Instead of just throwing support at any cause that sounds worthy you must make an active choice about what you are really going to WORK on. You can take you support away from issues in order to support a different issue. Issues are ranked by their total number of support. This creates MOMENTUM. If there is an issue that look like a slam-dunk to you; move your support to the issue, execute the action until the issue is fixed, then take you support away and move on to the next issue.


Do you have something to add to the discussion? Enter it into the comments. Comments display for 30 days. If you do not feel they are being addressed by the issue’s editor then take away your support. Comments are displayed based on their helpfulness. This will push bad comments down the page so that those that care about advancing the discussion do not have to deal with them. A question can be helpful if it is something that needs to be addressed or explained. Taking on all valid criticisms by the community by the issue creator (editor) will see the issue gain support. Ranting will immediately be down voted. So even if your logic is factual, incendiary language will see your statements forgotten, which is a waste. So...Stay Classy!


Do not assume that you have the answer. Look to the community for help. If you create an issue you will function as the editor. The comments field is to allow the community to HELP you come up with the best answers. Be as honest as possible in your edits. This will increase the likelihood that your issue will gain support as the community sees that you are fostering an open and honest debate. Document all valid criticisms. (The community will help you in validating the comments to filter out the NOISE) Work towards a goal. Determine what is achievable and steer the Solution and Action sections to see fixes implemented even if they are not everything you originally wanted.


Come to the site to learn about issues. The community will be constantly trying to refine arguments looking to increase support. The quickest way to lose support is to have bias and agenda built into your arguments. This allows you to learn about issues that are being vetted by the community in real time.

Take Action:

Vote with your feet! The point of this platform is that the current processes do not work. Therefore, do not simply revert back to the current processes such as signing petitions or calling your representitive. Look for civil disobedience and boycotts as appropriate leverage against those that are blocking good ideas for their own special interest. Warning: Any actions that advocate violence will be deleted by the admins.