Defend FlightCar from the SFO complaint filed by the City Attorney of SF to define the company as a "traditional" rental service

San Francisco



The "new" business model defined by FlightCar allows for a reduction in waste by adding another facet to the "sharing economy". The ability to rent cars from travelers that have left their cars parked at the airport means that rental car companies would have to store less cars which results in a reduction in cars produced and the additional space needed to park these cars. While it is responsible for SFO as the "market" where transactions are taking place, the push to charge FlightCar the same rates as traditional rental car companies is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to "protect" traditional rental car companies from new competition. The city of San Francisco should support and protect a new business model that results in the reduction of waste and not allow SFO to "shut out" a new business model to protect tradtional rental car companies



Define an appropriate fee structure that allows for SFO to be paid as a function of offering a market but also values the reduction in waste by by ensuring the fees are less than those paid by "traditional rental car companies" Use the comments section to help work to the best solution for an appropriate fee structure for a new business model

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FlightCar has come up with a genius service model that allows for travelers to rent cars from travelers that have left their cars parked at the airport.



Starting July 1, 2013 Boycott SFO! This is the date the complaint filed with the San Francisco City attorney will be due and will result in being sent to a court to determine if FightCar violates California's Unfair Competition Law Do you have the ability to fly OAK airport instead of SFO, then do it. Let SFO that you are leaving them until they implement the appropriate solution. If you must fly SFO make sure to not buy anything from the stores that located at SFO. Do your best to avoid buying anything and let SFO know about it by posting your reasons on their Twitter and Facebook pages.


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