End the use of dirty diesel sightseeing tour buses in San Francisco

San Francisco



Sightseeing tour buses in San Francisco have no requirements to use alternative energy or work to be carbon neutral as part of their operations.



Force city government to pass a law that requires all sightseeing tour buses to use alternative energy and be in the process to becoming carbon neutral by 2015.

The city should also work to offset the cost of conversion kits for buses by eliminating taxes on city tour buses for 2014 to help pay for the price of conversion.

This is where I need supporters help:

We should not leave the writing and aspects of this law to be left to city government.  If you are versed in city ordinances, or have a good idea to help offset the costs of upgrades to the sightseeing tour bus companies share it with community in the comments and I will update the solution with the highest voted idea!



Many other cities around the world have put in place requirements for sightseeing tour buses to use clean fuels or alternative energy for the privilege make money by showing tourists the beauty of their cities.  For a city that prides itself on its environmental consciousness, it is a black-eye to the city to allow dirty diesel buses to continuously drive around the city in addition to idling their engines for extended periods at places such as Union Square.

Carbon Neutral Sightseeting Tour Buses in CapeTown:

Super Sightseeing Tours operates diesel particulate filtration systems on their buses in San Francisco. http://www.prweb.com/releases/Sightseeing-tours/San-Francisco/prweb8695391.htm -- V3ritas Posted At: 2013-09-11 05:50:11 UTC


Boo the sightseeing tour buses campaign!

If you see a sightseeing tour bus driving through the city make sure to "Boo" the bus and tell the riders to "Ride a clean bus!".  

If the city does not pass an ordinance to require the buses to be upgraded to alternative energy we will force the companies to upgrade themselves through the free market pressures of shaming the riders and customers of dirty sightseeing tour buses.

We will also organize a protest of dirty sightseeing tour buses at Union Square where the tour buses sit idle.  The date is currently set for Saturday Sept. 14, but will be updated based on total number of supporters and the best time agreed upon by the community of supporters.  To suggest changing the date please put your suggestion in the comment field.

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Exclude Super Sightseeing Tours SF from any demonstrations and thank those that use its service. From their site: “I am glad to see that at least one Hop-on Hop-off San Francisco based bus tour company has decided to operate “clean air” motor coaches in San Francisco. I am horrified every time I see an old red bus polluting the air of our fair city and look forward to a time when all buses in the city are truly Green,” said Amy Trexler, resident of San Francisco." -- V3ritas Posted At: 2013-09-11 05:52:32 UTC

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