Build the Cincinnati Central Parkway Bikeway Project




The bike lanes make sense. They physically separate bikes from car traffic by white plastic bollards, reducing accidents and the discomfort many people have when bikes and cars share a space. They connect neighborhoods like Clifton, Northside, the West End, Over-the-Rhine and Downtown, where high numbers of residents use bikes as transportation and not just for recreation. And they would likely encourage more development along Central Parkway, where buildings now are underused and where cars race by on their way to I-75.

City planners did their homework on the protected lanes, which have become popular across the country because of all the benefits they offer. For more than a year they've been meeting with community councils in the affected neighborhoods and soliciting feedback on the proposal. Last year City Council voted in favor of the bikeway and the city was awarded $500,000 in federal funds to build it.

Yet even with the contract just days away from being signed, City Council is holding a hearing on the bikeway today to review the project, after a business owner on Central Parkway and some commuters raised objections to the plan.



Build the Central Parkway Bike path according to the original plan without modificaitons





Organize a protest against the stopping of the Central Parkway Bike path Project as part of the monthly upcomming Critical Mass meeting.  ->,_Ohio


A Ride of Usually 30 to 50 Bikes of various shapes and sizes meets at the South Side of Fountain Square at 6 pm last Friday of every month.


Those in support of the Central Parkway Bike path Project should meet for the April 25th Critical Mass ride voicing their support for the project.

The "Critical Mass" protest ride, should be along the planned Central Parkway Bike Path, with enough riders to "disrupt" traffic. -- T.J. Posted At: 2014-04-22 14:40:48 UTC

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