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Richard Spencer speaking on the University of Cincinnati campus has the goal of inciting violence and spreading messages of hate and white supremecy.  While it is important to uphold First Amendment values for the univeristy it is up to the student population to assert the university values of diversity of thought while maintaing support for inclusion of all students.



Allow the speach by Richard Spencer but demonstrate the communities disagreement with his views and public shaming for all those that seek to align themselves with the speakers views



The University of Cincinnati's Board of Trustees held a meeting on October 24 and briefly addressed the controversial issue of white nationalist Richard Spencer speaking on campus.

There wasn't a great deal of time spent on the topic at the board meeting but enough was said to know that President Neville Pinto has the full support of the Board of Trustees moving forward.

This comes after President Pinto said he would allow white nationalist Richard Spencer to speak on campus, if he so chooses. He cited the First Amendment and the right to free speech.





Students and supporters of inclusion and diversity at the university should respectively film all participants at the speech.   All supporters of the speech should be identified by creating a website for the speech where those that attended and supported the views can be identified and documented.


This will force those that secretly support white supremecy views to have their views made public.  Supporters should either be forced to face the public consequences of these views or try to defend their views to their friends family and employers.


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